Reimagining policing & Public safety on long island

In collaboration with Long Island United to Transform Policing & Community Safety, we have drafted policy recommendations to re-imagine the Crisis Response System on Long Island.

Our four-part proposal addresses the need for:

  • Comprehensive 911 Dispatch protocol & training

  • An alternative to the traditional reliance on law enforcement for behavioral health crisis response

  • Bolstering community-based treatment as alternatives to emergency departments

  • Highlighting the importance of data collection and transparency

This Multi-tiered, Criteria-based Dispatch Protocol is our person-centered approach to noncriminal crises. It outlines a structure that upholds all individuals' health and safety at the emergency site by creating a system where the scene is comprehensively assessed & professionals with the appropriate skill are dispatched to the scene.

Crisis Response One Pager (1).png

To Learn More, Download the Full People's Plan Here: