Who Are We

New York Social Action is a collective of social workers advocating for equitable policy change for marginalized populations across the State of New York.

We utilize web-based platforms, and other forms of community engagement, to provide education and other tools of empowerment so that our clients and their communities feel confident in the power of their collective voices.

As social workers, our commitment is to not only provide education but empowerment to our clients and their communities. Therefore, we envision a world where communities believe in the collective power of their individual voices & use that power to advocate for their own needs.

How We Got Started

In April of 2020, with the guidance of Dr. Carolyn Peabody, Alexandra Saint Laurent started the COVID-19 Justice Project as a student-run internship opportunity for clinical Social Work Master's students left without a placement during the COVID-19 quarantine period NYS On PAUSE. The group began their work advocating for continued telehealth coverage for physical and mental health services across the State.

After the death of George Floyd and the eruption of civil unrest across our country, the COVID-19 Justice Project shifted its mission to fighting for equitable policy change for marginalized populations in the State of New York., and New York Social Action was born.